Lakers vs. Kings Pre-Game

Jackson Presser:
The NBA mandates that head coaches address the media an hour and 15 minutes prior to the start of games; here are some notes from Phil Jackson’s pregame chat:

- Jackson couldn’t care less about preseason wins and losses: “I haven’t thought about that for 15 years or so.” By the way, why do people always say “could care less” when they really mean “couldn’t”? That subtle change completely changes the meaning of the phrase. This bothers me. But I digress.
- One of the things about which Jackson is concerned is the team’s high turnover output in its first two games.
- Phil’s college coach, Bill Fitch, had 28 days of two-a-days with one exhibition game before the season started. Jackson explained that practices are more important than games in the preseason, and would prefer it to go Fitch’s way. Of course, the league mandates otherwise.
- The head coach expects the starting lineup to switch several times this preseason, and should be different tonight than it was last week.
- Sasha Vujacic’s ankle is “OK” according to Jackson, and Luke Walton’s is getting better. However, Jackson doesn’t want to risk putting Walton into full action at this point, and we probably won’t see Vujacic tonight.
- Jackson doesn’t want Andrew Bynum to play the four position, meaning he will not interchange with Pau Gasol, who is much more comfortable on the perimeter.
- When asked about his health, Jackson said he’s feeling “great.”
- The Lakers are wearing all whites today.