Postgame (Rookie) Talk

From the outside looking in, one might think that rookies Joe Crawford and Brandon Heath are in a very tough spot. It’s not like they’re the bad guys in a Steven Segal movie or anything, but still…

The talent-laden Lakers roster currently fits 17 players. Yet and still, everyone knows it’s about to be cut down to 15, if not 14. And of those 15 spots, not many are up for grabs, particularly as most Lakers are under contract. These spots appear to be set in stone, though anything could happen:

1) Kobe; 2) Pau; 3) Lamar; 4) Drew; 5) Fish; 6) Ariza; 7) Vlad-Rad; 8) Farmar; 9) Vujacic; 10) Walton; 11) Powell; 12) Mihm; 13) Sun Yue; 14) D.J. Mbenga.

Does Coby Karl, second-round pick Crawford or undrafted free agent Heath (or C.J. Giles) figure to sneak onto the roster?

Eager to see how the rookies were feeling about their situation after Sunday’s game in Las Vegas, I sat down with Heath and Crawford, who instead of worrying about that roster situation are simply glad to have the opportunity they’ve been granted thus far.

Take a listen.