In the Rankings: Pre-Season

Every Monday, the Lakers Basketblog checks the net to bring you the latest NBA power rankings. With the season kicking off tomorrow here’s a look at the pre-season rankings.
This Week: 2 | Last Year: 2 | Diff: 0

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are saying that they need to improve their defense to win it all, and there’s nothing wrong with saying that. But it was their offense that was more of an issue in the Finals, and Andrew Bynum’s return should help the D anyway. They were stronger defensively before he got hurt (105.3 points allowed per 100 possessions) than they were after (108.6).
This Week: 2 | Last Year: 2 | Diff: 0

It’s a good thing L.A. is so stacked, because it has some history to overcome along with all that tough comp out West. The losing team in the Finals, remember, hasn’t won the next season’s title since 1989.

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