Lakers-Clippers Pregame

Before the Lakers head back onto the floor to play the Clippers for the second time this regular season, head coach Phil Jackson met with the media. Here are some quick bullets:

  • Jackson expects Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy to have a different offensive strategy in hopes of counteracting what the Lakers did to them defensively last time out. Obviously, with Marcus Camby back the Clippers will have a different look out on the floor but Phil was speaking more to the actions and sets the Clips will work out of.
  • The long layoff between games should mean the Lakers are fresh. Phil ran them hard on Monday but that shouldn’t keep them he still expects them to have fresh legs. The second unit had a tough run in Denver, but played great against the Clippers a week ago. Getting them back on track will be a priority.
  • Just to reiterate… Andrew Bynum is fine. “No complaints at all,” said Jackson when asked how the big man was feeling.
  • Phil was asked to compare this team with his 71 and 69-win Bulls teams of the 90s. The main difference? This team is lacking a “suicide kid” like Dennis Rodman that was willing to lay his body on the line for every loose ball, every second of the game. “I think that’s something this team has to find as far as a defender that’s dying to get the ball back, dying to defend, and creating those kind of situations,” Jackson said.
  • Pau Gasol has been very active in the first half of games, but hasn’t had nearly the impact coming out of halftime. According to Jackson this isn’t as much a reflection on Pau as it is about his teammates looking for him and Kobe Bryant dominating the ball. “Unfortunately he’s not getting the ball much in the second half. Kobe’s really dominating it a lot, which I think is okay, but you’ve still got to balance that out,” said Jackson. Going down low early is certainly in the gameplan, but maybe it’s something they should implement early in the second half as well.

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