Thursday Practice Report

Here’s a summary of Phil Jackson’s post-practice chat with the press, which we captured on video for your viewing pleasure:

  • When prompted about Wednesday’s victory over the Hornets, Jackson explained that the box score looked fine the next day, but that he was concerned that his team got itself in jeopardy by not executing offensively and by letting down defensively.
  • As a visiting scout told me last night, one thing the Hornets started doing was running David West along the baseline, which was pretty effective.
  • When asked about having 7-of-8 games at home, Jackson gave the old “one game at a time” answer. He doesn’t worry at all about his team’s motivation to play against some of the poorer teams record wise, like New Jersey, Chicago and Sacramento, in the least.
  • Most of the starters except for Vladimir Radmanovic and Lamar Odom sat out of a late scrimmage in practice to rest.
  • Jackson expects the Pistons to have some good and bad times after acquiring Iverson, but explained that Iverson’s activity level is going to increase what Detroit’s able to do.

    In Other News

  • I spent a few minutes talked to Sun Yue about Yao Ming, with whom he spent a little time when the Rockets were in town. Sun said that while Yao is certainly the great guy that we often hear about from anyone who knows him, his celebrity is so insane in China and other places around the world that Yao can seldom go places with the rest of the team. Sun also admitted that he’s occasionally been called “Yao!” by random people in America.
  • Luke Walton, after going through a tough practice, was still running sprints and going through shooting drills with Jordan Farmar 45 minutes after practice ended. I was going to catch up with Luke, but decided to wait until later since he didn’t seem interested in stopping any time soon. It’s of course good to see the guys who aren’t getting many minutes at a certain stage of the season to be working extra hard in practice … and after practice.
  • Stay tuned for a full interview with as I tried to learn what I could about the Detroit team heading into STAPLES on Friday night, Allen Iverson and all.