Lakers – Kings Pregame Fun

Let’s do some math. Not the boring textbook stuff, mind you, but some basketball stat based stuff. That’s fun, right?

I mean, no one’s saying this is as much fun as Chucky Cheese for your 10th birthday or watching people fall down randomly, but it’s all right.

We’ll focus on the Lakers and Kings here as a lil’ preview for Sunday evening’s contest, from lil’ numbers to big numbers.

Kobe Bryant’s league-wide rank in scoring with his 24.7 per game average, which is more impressive because he’s playing significantly fewer minutes (33.8) than the three guys ahead of him: LeBron James (29.1 points in 37.5 minutes); Dwyane Wade (28.9 points in 36.8 minutes); and Chris Bosh (26.9 points in 41.9 minutes, No. 2 in NBA).

Players in Lakers franchise history to make at least five three-pointers without a miss in a game, a list now including Vladimir Radmanovic after his 5-for-5 performance in Phoenix (11/20).

Rebounds averaged by both rookie Jason Thompson and last year’s first-round pick Spencer Hawes. Both were low-profile players coming into the NBA, but both have been quite good for the Kings. In essence, Sacramento fans can feel good about their four and five players heading into the future during a season that might look otherwise bleak.

Scoring average of John Salmons, Sacramento’s leading scorer with Kevin Martin out. The Kings don’t boast a lot of scorers in their starting lineup, which will be a problem against the Lakers. Right, Captain Obvious? Yet and still, Sacramento Bee reporter Sam Amick told me that the team’s biggest problem is very obviously defense, not its inability to find good scorers. I’ll dig deeper into that in the running diary.

Combined rebounds by Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, a rebounding duo that is outranked only by the Chris Bosh – Jermaine O’Neal combo in Toronto.

Points missing from Sacramento’s lineup due to the continued absence of leading scorer Kevin Martin, who’s missed seven games due to a sprained left ankle. Martin would be tied with Tim Duncan for 13th on the league scoring charts.

L.A.’s winning percentage.