Chinese Special: Sun on Yi

Yi Jianlian, Sun YueEven since the first day of training camp, Sun Yue’s English has gotten markedly better.

My first conversation with Sun in early October was a bit difficult for both of us, with lots of repeating words and phrases, clarifying and glances towards Sun’s interpreter. But on Monday at the Lakers practice facility, our conversation flowed smoothly, and Sun needed to ask for clarification from said interpreter only once.

Much of our discussion today centered around Sun’s close friend, fellow Chinese player Yi Jianlian, who on Saturday scored 27 points against the Clippers and is averaging 10.9 points and 6.8 boards this season, though we touched on a few other points as well.

The few pauses you’ll hear occurred when Sun needed me to repeat something (twice) or ask his interpreter to clarify something (once). Here’s the audio: