Five-Loss West

Take a peek at the NBA’s Western Conference Standings, and one thing should jump off your page:


As in one loss for the Lakers, which wouldn’t look quite as nice in the East (Boston has two, Cleveland three) but is as pretty as Selma Hayek in a West where every other team has at least five losses.

Utah, Denver, Phoenix and New Orleans have all lost five times each after 27 days of NBA games, which should spell early-season t-r-o-u-b-l-e, especially because L.A. now has a 13-game stretch in which Phoenix (9-5) and Philly (7-6) are the only teams currently above .500. The Lakers just thrashed the Suns in Phoenix last week by 13, and welcome Nash and Co. into STAPLES on Dec. 10, a week after facing the 76ers in Philly on the 3rd.

After that stretch, the schedule stiffens a bit with Orlando and New Orleans on the road before home dates with Boston, Utah, Portland and New Orleans.

But having already beaten the Hornets, Nuggets, Mavs and Suns on the road and Blazers, Rockets and Bulls at home, one can guess that the Lakers are feeling pretty confident no matter the W/L record on the other side of the court.