Wednesday Practice Report

Lamar Odom likes stuffing the best, though he isn’t complaining about cranberry sauce.

Turkey Day aside, Odom and Phil Jackson addressed a few media members subsequent to Wednesday’s practice. Though you can watch the videos for yourself, here’s what stood out to me:

  • Jackson used the word “buoyant” to describe how his players looked on the court Tuesday night, which is interesting diction. The idea is that when so many guys are contributing individually to the team, the general mood is quite positive. Winning of course improves a team’s collective mood, but even more so when nine guys are contributing than five. I’m on board with that theory.
  • Phil explained that Kobe said he’s “Feeling the best he’s ever felt at this time of the season, so that’s a nice thing to hear him say.” Jackson went on to express concern that Bryant’s not shooting the ball with “the kind of accuracy he has in the past,” saying the team would “really (like to) get him going before the trip we take next week.”
  • I asked Odom if there’s anything that’s surprised him about how far along the Lakers are at this stage of the season: “Nah. In the beginning of training camp, I remember the first day we all got together and this is kinda what I had in mind … We had a long summer to sit back and think about what we did wrong, and now we’re just going out there playing hard and playing to win every game. Our chemistry has gotten that much better inside and outside the locker room.”

    Now, if you’re looking for a breakdown of a Dallas Mavericks team that has won five straight after losing five straight, I spent five minutes with assistant coach Jim Cleamons, and that video will be up on Friday morning, when you’re still digesting Thursday evening’s meal.