Pregame with Jordan Farmar

In the locker room about an hour before Wednesday night’s game against Philadelphia, Lakers point guard Jordan Farmar spent a few minutes answering a series of questions about his game and his teammates.

Here’s what we covered: Getting a chance to redeem himself the next night after a tough loss; Picking his spots in the triangle offense; Trying to simply outplay whomever’s on the floor against him and not worrying about matchups; And how NBA players gauge where to really turn up the defensive pressure (how many minutes can players physically give maximum effort, realistically?).

Farmar, even in his youth, is already among the best interviews the league, and is someone media members know can be asked almost any question … He’ll find a way to answer it, even if it’s tough. My role isn’t so much to ask tough questions as to try to get behind the generic answer with real insight, and usually Farmar’s able to provide it. Of course, sometimes players simply can’t answer questions straight up because they’re not going to (and should not) criticize a teammate or a coach. That’s something that one should always keep in mind before criticizing comments as “vanilla”. Alas, my point is, Farmar gets all of that.

See you in a few with the running diary.