In the Rankings: Week 8

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This Week: 4 | Last Week: 2 | Diff: -2

The Lakers’ weekend could be described in three words: “In and out.” Back-to-back losses in Florida come after a narrow escape at home over the Knicks. The offense was bad in Miami and the defense was bad in the other two games. Bottom line: this does not look like a team that is ready for the Celtics on Thursday.
This Week: 3 | Last Week: 3 | Diff: N/A

Getting swept on a Florida back-to-back, losing Farmar to injury and heading into the Boston showdown with Bynum in a funk adds up to their worst week of the season. So how did they stay here? See next comment.

Ball Don’t Lie – Yahoo!
This Week: 4 | Last Week: 2 | Diff: -2

Two losses in a row, both in Florida, after a close call over the Knicks at home. If you’re stockpiling canned goods and firearms, it might already be too late. Stop ruining my Christmas Day dinner, Lamar!
This Week: 3 | Last Week: 2 | Diff: -1

Lakers lose two in a row after Kobe’s last-second shots don’t fall.

Average Ranking: This Week: 3.5 | Last Week: 2.25 | Diff: -1.25