Lakers – Warriors Running Diary

As always, feel free to refresh your browser for live updates throughout the game … On second thought, I guess they wouldn’t technically be “live” updates since you have to press refresh. But whatever.

Lakers: Jordan Farmar, D.J. Mbenga
Warriors: Monta Ellis, Corey Maggette, Marcus Williams

Well BasketBlog followers, you’ve had 29-games (and a preseason) worth of Mike Trudell, but tonight you’ll be subjected to the stylings of Ty Nowell (me). I’m sure my two fans from last year are excited. The rest of you are just going to have to survive until Friday when Mike will be back in action and giving you what you’ve come to expect from these running diaries. If you see chunks of time go by without any posts it probably means the Chargers did something that helped them back into the playoffs and I got distracted. For now they’re up 17-6 and driving so we all might get lucky.

Lakers Fish, Kobe, Luke, Pau and Bynum
Warriors Jamal Crawford, Marco Belinelli, Stephen Jackson, Brandan Wright, Andris Biedrins

First Quarter
12:00 The Ronny welcome back video got a nice ovation and Fish is rocking a head band tonight. Those two events were not related.

7:38 The Lakers carry a 13-8 lead into the first break with Kobe leading the way with five-points. Early offense continues to be a focal point of the MVP’s game. D-Fish also added four points on an easy layup and an open jumper from the free throw line after a Bynum steal. The inside game hasn’t been a huge factor yet, but there was a pretty over the head no look pass from Pau to Bynum after the Spaniard got doubled down low. The transition defense hasn’t been tested.

7:29 Like clockwork, illegal defense on the Lakers.

4:32 Sloppy play and long rebounds stoke the Warriors fire and they were able to take a 20-18 lead as the Lakers decided to take the long jumpers and make ill-advised passes. Every trip down that doesn’t involve either Gasol or Bynum is just annoying. The Warriors make it unbelievably easy to score down low.

3:02 I don’t have any insightful stats for you at this point because Celina on the stat crew put her purse down on a bunch of cables and disconnected all the stat monitors in the building. I assure you she has many fine qualities and the upside of all that is that the Chargers are up 24-6 at the half and I got to watch some of it during the timeout without feeling too guilty.

2:00 Ronny got another nice ovation as he entered the game for Andris Biedrins, who grabbed eight boards (three offensive) in the first 10 minutes of the ballgame.

1:03 Jacko just picked up a technical foul while sitting on the bench. Nothing particularly offensive happened at the time but he did just pick up a cheapy on one of Kobe’s patented swing through jumpers.

26.1 I wasn’t going to write about this, but Mike Trudell insists on it. Trevor and Lamar were just hanging on the rim at the same time after the whistle. He’d never seen it, I’d never seen it; now we have. Riveting stuff right. Note to self: Keeping Trudell busy during the game with a running diary is definitely the best way to go for the rest of the year.

0:00 More Trudell: The Lakers closed that quarter on a 7-0 run to take a 34-27 lead into the break. Five of those came from the line and the other two were on a dunk by Bynum… you know, a lotta inside type things.

2nd Quarter
12:00 Sun Yue is in for the Lakers. Take whatever face you just made, make it even more confused, and that’s me. Sun is matching up with CJ Watson, a scant seven inches smaller. Yue has been turnover prone (understatement) in the little bit of playing time he’s had this year, but if you’re even going to throw him into a game why not now.

10:31 Darren Sproles touchdown, Chargers are rolling. Sun has played 90 seconds without a turnover, another NBA first for the young man from China.

9:20 Fish is back in for Sun. The only thing that kept Sun out of Club Trillion (one minute played, zeros the rest of the way across the stat sheet) was a personal foul.

8:01 This is not up for debate, Sasha Vujacic plays better when he talks with after shootaround. We got with him this morning after he had beaten Pau in both free throws and triples (there’s video I promise, but it hasn’t been edited as of yet, my bad) and he’s started out two of three and his the only three-pointer he’s attempted. Facts are facts. Chargers with another touchdown… see you next week Indy.

7:28 Pau’s first bucket of the game comes on a running hook in the lane over Biedrins after Gasol had missed his first three attempts. Both teams are shooting 50% from the floor.

6:28 If you’re Sasha and you’ve got Kobe running the wing and Ariza running the paint on a fastbreak then you literally have no bad options. Sasha made the right choice (get it, cause there wasn’t a wrong choice to make) by giving it to Trevor for the hammer and-one over Watson. It seems like a lot of Sasha’s good passes end up in Ariza’s hands these days.

4:41 Not a lot of things bring me as much joy as guys that are a mess at the free throw line. Shaq, Tim Duncan, Dwight Howard… I love watching all those guys at the line. Duncan is probably my favorite since his mechanics are there and it’s purely just a mind game for him. Biedrins on the other hand is just a mechanical mess like Howard and Shaq. Andris is 0/3 so far, but he does have 15 boards so I think Nellie’s gonna weather the storm.

3:20 10-0 run for the Warriors taking what was a 15-point Lakers lead after another Vujacic triple (I think he mouthed “Lakers Dot Com” as he ran back down the floor) to just a five-point advantage.

0:00 Kobe ended the half with 10 free throw attempts (making all of them) after having none on Christmas day against the Celtics. #24 ended up with 21 first half points. On offense the Lakers shared the ball well, getting assists on 14 of their 22 baskets. Golden State aided the effort by sending them to the line 21 times and, after struggling at times this year, the Lakers aided themselves by making 18 of them. On the other end, the Warriors took advantage of some slow roatations that led to wide open shots Belinelli, who had 14-points on seven shots. Lakers up 65-58.

3rd Quarter
11:07 Kobe with the first five points of the quarter and just like that the Lakers lead is back to double digits and Bryant’s got 26.

7:07 Walton puts in the layup as he was fouled and sinks his free throw to give the Lakers an 82-68 lead. Thus far in the third the Lakers have only missed two shots (7-of-9) from the field and one from the line.

6:16 Fish with back-to-back jumpers giving him six makes in seven trys tonight and pushing the team’s shooting percentage to 54.5% on the evening. Following suit the Warriors are shooting 54%. The teams also have the same amount of three-pointers made (four) but the Lakers have corralled eight more rebounds and committed three less turnovers.

2:42 It’ll be a tall task for to get tacos tonight (the Lakers have to win and hold their opponent under 100) but I think everyone’s happy with the 15-point lead… for now. I’m sure about halfway through the fourth quarter people will start being disappointed about the taco situation. Currently Andrew Bynum is +16 to go along with 13-points and 10-rebounds. Definitely the best showing from him in a while. 93-78 Lakers.

0:00 The Lakers owned that quarter, putting up 37-points and to the Warriors 27 and taking a commanding 102-85 lead. Kobe tacked on another 10 to give him 31 on the night (which might be over if the Lakers hold this lead).

4th Quarter
9:29 The blogging has been slow going since the Chargers game was finishing up, but my ears perked up a little bit when PA announcer Lawrence Tanter uttered the name Rob Kurz. That happens to me when I’ve never of someone. Kurz did just drop his first shot, a nice triple from the hip. Fish followed up with an air ball on the other end, really the only blemish on an otherwise stellar shooting night (7-of-8 before that). As proof that everything’s going right for him, the ball came back to him after the air ball and he banked home running floater for his 16th point of the night.

7:08 Sasha with another triple for a total of 17-points, his highest point output since he had 20 in Game 3 of last year’s Finals. His playing so well that he’s going to force me to edit that footage from this morning just as proof of the website’s Vujacic-ian mojo.’s other favorite son, Josh Powell, enters the game for the first time tonight.

5:23 I haven’t mentioned Vladimir Radmanovic once tonight, even though he’s played seven minutes (and not all in the mop up time that we’re mired in now), so I’ll say that I’m intrigued by this Radmanovic/Kurz matchup. That might be a lie.

3:37 SUN’s BACK!!!

0:00 The crowd desperately wanted Sun to get a bucket and he finally obliged with 26-seconds left on a short jumper near the right block. Lakers 130, Warriors 113. 25-5 overall, 16-1 at home, undefeated in the White uniforms.