Lakers – Warriors Postgame Quotes

Below is a look at the postgame quotes from L.A.’s 130-113 victory over the Golden State Warriors. First comes Phil Jackson, then Warriors head coach Don Nelson, followed by various Lakers and Warriors players.

Perhaps most interesting of the quotes are Nelson’s comments about LA compared with Boston:

Warriors Head Coach Don Nelson
On coming up short tonight:
“They (Lakers) did what they were supposed to do and took care of business. Let’s just say that they beat us.”

On the Lakers as a team:
“I thought they were the best team that I had seen (when we had not played them yet) and it is hard for me to say anything other than that. They have the whole package and they have a chance to win the whole thing this year.”

On who else are competitors for the finals this year:
“The other team that I saw that was really good was Orlando. I know what Boston is doing and what they did but they still have two players missing from their last team that are really important to them. They either have to get those guys back or replace them with someone because I just think that the Lakers, after a year of going to the finals are just ready; they know what it takes and they are so well coached and disciplined.”

On Kobe Bryant:
“Kobe now has a grasp on the game [after playing in last year’s finals] like no other player and he controls it when he wants to. He makes his players along side of him succeed and he is a real leader out there. I mean he has the whole package going for him; he is not just the best player in the league but probably the best leader, the way that he leads these guys and directs them and lets them succeed. He could get 50 any time he wanted, I am sure.”

On the Lakers having the whole package:
“I think that they know they are good and they know that it is a long season. They know what they need to do and they do what they are supposed to, to get a number of wins so they get the home court advantage. But the real game for them starts when the playoffs start.”

Warriors Players
Stephen Jackson on his team’s performance:
“We didn’t get the looks, our defense wasn’t even close to what we had against Boston and it definitely showed. They hit shots and their guys that weren’t supposed to get 15 or 16 points got those tonight and we never recovered from those 20 points. We didn’t approach the game the same way we did the Boston game, we had way more intensity, we were up that game and we weren’t today, We didn’t make plays with each other there’s a lot of things we didn’t do..”

Jackson on the first half:
“We’re starting to get good at moving the ball, driving and kicking. We just have to buy into it and we’ll start getting more open shots but I don’t think we moved the ball as well today as we did against Boston. The good thing about it is we have another game tomorrow and hopefully we’ll bounce back.”

Jackson on the Lakers performance:
“They’re two different teams. They’re both good teams, I just think that LA made us work more and played better defense. They made their shots and we failed to pay attention to detail and it showed in the score.”

Jamal Crawford on his team’s defense:
“We can score against anybody, but when we defend like we’re supposed to in crunch time when the games are closer we have a better chance to win. If we do that we’ll be a better team in the long run.”

Crawford on the Lakers’ performance as of late:
“They’re playing great. I’m a fan of basketball and I’ve been watching them all season and they’re just playing great. They’re playing more physical. It’s tough to say if they have an advantage over the Celtics. The Christmas win gives them the psychological edge that they kind of needed up to that point Boston was still better than them. It’ll be a good series if they make it back.”

Marco Belinelli on his transition to the NBA:
“For me everything is new. I started this year without play and after two months I started to play and now I’m just doing my best. We’re playing a lot of games and every game you have to be ready to play the best you can”

Lakers Head Coach Phil Jackson
On the Warriors game:
“We came out the second half and extended our lead, and I thought we mainly controlled the game. Good help by Sasha tonight off the bench, and Trevor made some great plays defensively.”

On Golden States performance coming off their Boston win:
“Some of it has to do with where we play the game; obviously it’s different. Golden State is a team that is still not recovered from injuries. Jamal was hurt, and Crawford tonight gave him a little bit of help he was probably the best guy on the floor tonight. Its different Golden State has not done well on the road, they are going to be a different team when we go back there and play them in 8 or 10 days. ”

On if Vujacic will continue to see more minutes:
“I don’t know, it depends on how it happens. Fish was out tonight with some fouls, the situation demanded Sasha to be out there. It was a good team to shoot threes against.”

On how much a priority achieving the overall best record is:
“ We can’t let it be the sole driving force of what we do this season , it really has to be about measuring the season, how guys are playing , the minutes their playing, how to sustain the effort, and to keep as many players playing well as we can.”

On Radmanovic needing to find rhythm right off the bench:
“We had a talk about that and how to stay involved and not get distracted and those kinds of things and that’s a challenge for him. He’s got to meet that, and the way the seasons crank out there’s going to be that opportunity it could be right around the corner could be in March. Who knows when he’s going to be back in play and having minutes again, that’s his job that’s what you are as a pro you stay ready and when that moment comes you step in.”

Lakers Players
Kobe Bryant on the Lakers’ effort:
“We just came out and played hard. We knew what we had to do. It was pretty easy for us to switch gears and just come out here and perform. When we start our offense at the defensive end we get a lot of steals, a lot of easy opportunities. Guys get in a better rhythm because of it. We’re a good team at that. We’re good at creating turnovers, getting steals and getting out in the open court.

Bryant on his plans for the upcoming days off:
“I’m going to enjoy the next couple days. I’m going to relax and kick back a little bit. Maybe a little Guitar Hero.”

Pau Gasol on the Lakers’ mentality going into the game:
“Well, we knew we were aware of the danger of the game. Especially having a couple days off. Coming off a nice win against the Celtics so we came in with confidence. We were able to control the game. We were able to control the game from start to finish and that was key for us. We got it going offensively. We made some shots, some plays, and made the game easier for us.”

Gasol on whether the Lakers are focused on having the best record in the league at this point in the year:
“It’s definitely something we want to get to at the end of the year. It’s not that important at this point in the year. Especially because we are not that far behind. But anyways, it’s the end of the year that really matters.”

Derek Fisher on staying focused following the Boston game:
“This was an important game for us. It was a really good team to show some presence and dominance on our home court. We’re going to play this team again in 10 days so I wanted to help try and set the tone.”

Andrew Bynum on facing an often high-powered Golden State offense:
“We knew that we couldn’t let this team hang around. They have the potential to get hot at any time. Basically we just kind of locked down our ‘D,’ held them in the 2nd and 3rd Quarter and had a nice game.”