All-Star Breakdown: Western Forwards

Don’t look now, but All-Star weekend is steadily creeping…

In fact, on January 22nd, the NBA will announce the 2008-09 All-Stars on TNT’s broadcast of a double header (in which the Lakers play the Wizards in the second game), meaning you’re almost out of voting time.

The pertinent question around Los Angeles isn’t whether or not Kobe Bryant will be there (that’s like wondering if Jack Bauer’s going to survive a gunshot wound), particularly not when he’s again leading all Western Conference players in votes (1.9 million).

Instead, it’s if Pau Gasol’s going to be voted in by the coaches, since Tim Duncan, Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire are a few hundred thousand votes ahead of Pau for the two starting slots.

With that question in mind, we’re going to: Compare Pau’s stats with those of other leading forwards; try to figure out his value to his squad in comparison to other All-Star candidates; and offer up a list of what we think the actual ranking of forwards should be.

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