The Eagles Coulda Used Kobe

Kobe EaglesWhen Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb tried to bring his Eagles back from a 32-25 deficit during Sunday’s NFC Championship game, little did he know that his best receiving option was driving home from practice in Los Angeles.

“I’d be a wide receiver,” said the 6-6, 205-pound Kobe Bryant. “I’d be a bad (man) too.”

The conversation started when Bryant grew slightly tired of answering the expected questions about his good friend LeBron James after Sunday’s practice, and was instead eager to talk about his favorite football squad, who ended up losing a chance at the Super Bowl.

Go ahead, Kobe…

“No more red zone issue,” he explained. “Just throw it over the top. I’m (Randy) Mossin’ it.”

When you think about it for a second, it’s really not that far-fetched.

Freakishly athleticism: Check.
Great size: Check
Shiftiness: Check
Strength: Check
Savvy: Check
Intelligence: Check
Experience: OK, maybe not
Confidence: Um, yup…

But could he turn routine catches into six points?

“I’ve got that, man, I got all that,” was the response. “I’m physical as (heck).”

Sorry. But what if Lamar Odom’s your QB? He claims he could play at that level, you know…

“If Lamar’s quarterback, I’m not playing,” stated the MVP (of the NBA). “He’d try to run all the time, he ain’t got no arm. His arm ain’t strong enough.”

But really, Kobe. Seriously, could you play in the NFL right now?

“Of course,” he knew (for a fact). “Throw that ball up there, I’ll go get it. Knock my head off … I enjoy it, I love it.”

OK then. We’re not betting against you.

Too bad McNabb didn’t know…