Pau Talks All-Star

*UPDATE: Gasol has officially been named a reserve for the Western Conference All-Stars.

Lakers big man Pau Gasol is still in the dark about where he’ll be spending his All-Star weekend.

“They’re not telling me anything,” Gasol said after Wednesday’s practice. “The year that I made it they told me a day or two prior to the official time.”

All-Star reserves will officially be announced on TNT tonight prior to the Cavs/Magic game.

“I’m looking forward to know just so I can be really excited and happy about being apart of it or I can be maybe a little disappointed and upset about it.”

As we’ve outlined in the past, the numbers seem to indicate that Pau should be making a trip to Phoenix as a Western Conference All-Star. Gasol’s numbers aren’t gaudy, neither are his minutes played (just 35.4 per game, good for 50th in the league), but his impact to the team with the best record in the West is undeniable. The national media seems to have taken notice.

ESPN’s Marc Stein focuses on what Gasol has meant to the Lakers as a whole in his selections.

You will find All-Stars with gaudier numbers than Pau’s 17.5 points and 9.1 rebounds per game and 55.7 percent shooting — and injuries to Carlos Boozer and Carmelo Anthony have created frontcourt openings that might not have been there otherwise — but Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson would be the first to concur that the Spaniard’s arrival, as much as anything, is what has pitched the Lakers so far ahead of everyone else in the West. He has to be in Phoenix.

Ball Don’t Lie’s Kelley Dwyer points out Pau’s ridiculous efficiency.

Before you accuse me of handing a slot over to a borderline All-Star just because he’s on a very good team, check the stats: 17 and nine rebounds and 55 percent shooting in only 35 minutes? That’s efficient, brilliant, basketball. Throw in three and a half assists and a block, and you have an All-Star.

Finally,’s Dave McMenamin talks about the Spaniard’s overall meaning to the Lakers and backs it up with some nifty stats.

Gasol has been a huge part of the Lakers’ success this year. Los Angeles is 13-3 this season when Gasol scores 20 points or more and 13-3 when the mop-topped Spaniard secures 10 rebounds or more.