Lakers – Wolves Postgame Quotes

Kobe Postgame MinnesotaFollowing L.A.’s offensive explosion that resulted in a 132-119 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves, various players and both coaches addressed the assembled media after the game.

Lakers Postgame Quotes
Los Angeles Coach Phil Jackson:
“It was a total different game (from Tuesday vs. Charlotte). It wasn’t about the way we played, it was about the way the game was played. This was a young team that likes to score and we like to score, and we just ran up and down and scored. There wasn’t a whole lot of defense out there.”

“I thought we played good defense the first part of the game, we established something. We came out with a different group of guys and we got to the foul line. Did some things that were good, made them turn the ball over, got some second chances and some run-outs. That changed the complexity of the game. We always comment that we can score, so it was a good defensive effort.”

“Andrew did very well offensively when he got the ball. Al got it going in the second half a little bit, but Andrew established the inside game for us. Pau later on the in second quarter got it going for us and that set it up for us.”

“We just wanted to even things out. We have a road trip with back-to-back games, and we have another game tomorrow night we’ve got to work out… (Bynum) is confident, he’s got a good base. He’s energetic out there; it looks like he’s playing with more energy. His footwork is good. We’re getting him the ball in good positions. A variety of things, and we’ll see how that goes as we go along.”

“It’s another young team (Saturday in Memphis), an energetic team that plays okay on their home court. It’s tough to play on your home court sometimes because there aren’t big crowds. That’s sometimes distracting. It’s a team that’s changed coaches and we don’t know the team as well as we did a month ago.”

Los Angeles Guard Kobe Bryant:
“(Bynum) is playing extremely well. We’re starting to expect it from him because he’s being aggressive, he’s being assertive, he’s finding his niche where he can operate in the offense. I like it. I like it a lot.”

“I think the game where he gained the most confidence was in San Antonio. He had a big game and we lost the game the way that we did. On the bus I said, ‘Hey, you know Tim Duncan is one of the greatest defensive players of all time ever.’ If you can do that to him, you can do that to anybody else. I think for him to have that confidence to play against Tim, that had to kind of sink in for him. He’s one of the best defensive players ever and his confidence has shot through the roof after that. He played extremely well and I think it started from there.”

Los Angeles Forward Luke Walton:
“I think we executed better tonight offensively. We still didn’t do a good job defensively. They put up a hundred-something points on us. That being said, they’re one of the hottest teams in basketball right now and they’re playing on their home court, so we felt that we did some things well and we just didn’t do it for the full 48 minutes.”

“(Bynum) has been unbelievable lately. I shouldn’t say unbelievable because I have seen him do it in practice and in the summertime. It’s nice to see him do it every night right now. He’s a young player, even though he’s been in this league for a few years now. He’s only 21-years-old. But to see him coming out on the court and doing the things he’s doing offensively and even defensively, blocking shots and rebounds and playing at that pace you like to see your big man go at. It’s really exciting for us as a team to see this happen.”

Los Angeles Center Andrew Bynum:
“You can’t do anything without actually being on the hardwood and playing in the game. And obviously the extra work with (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) and the trainer has paid off… Being patient on the block and definitely footwork and also blocking shots, we work a lot on that.”

“I think offensively we shot better (than against Charlotte). That’s the only difference. We still gave up 100 points if not more, so defensively we need to pick it up a little bit more. Every night the shots aren’t going to fall like they did tonight.

Wolves Postgame Quotes
Minnesota Coach Kevin McHale:
“Well, that was an old-fashioned shootout. We just couldn’t stop them. They got some points, they got some offensive rebounds, the bigs went down low in the paint and got some good position on us — too good of position — early on us. They got the ball in there, and then we gave up 19 offensive rebounds and some of the times when we did force them to miss, they were going up and getting it. We got our share of offensive rebounds, but we just were not able to stop them, especially in that third quarter. They got some separation there, and the third quarter was the game.”

“I thought the second quarter we got a little bit of a run. We could never really gain any momentum because we couldn’t get enough stops to run. That’s what you have to do against that team, you’ve got to get stops and get out running. They lost their last game before they played us against Charlotte and they came out there and were very crisp in the start of that game. Kobe really got them off. They were moving the ball, moving their bodies, really attentive to the details and offensively-wise they were really good. Like I said, we were fine offensively, we just couldn’t find a way to stop them.”

“(Bynum) is very good, he’s a good player. He’s got good length, got good hands. He had one of the better games I’ve seen him have offensively tonight. We let him get down there too low, and then we got in foul trouble and we had to kind of ease back a little bit, and we weren’t able to dictate defensively getting him out of the paint. We tried to help a couple times and our help was late a few times, and what happened was they made a few shots, then we got a little reluctant to help. He got a lot of his points on second-chance points. The thing about having Kobe on the floor, he draws a lot of attention and that opens up stuff for his teammates.”

“Randy got two fouls right away. I said, ‘He’s hitting him on his elbow, he must be really good to be making them, too.’ I thought Gomes did a good job on (Bryant) defensively. The guy made some tough shots. That’s the thing, we got into a little bit of a stretch where I thought if we can get two more holds and get some push-outs and be able to run on them, (but) he came in and made a couple big shots. That’s kind of what he does for that team. Like I said, they were very attentive tonight to their offense. I didn’t think either team could stop either team, but they were better than we were offensively.”

“No, he was fine. I thought Sebastian played very well. We were just trying to break him down and go, just seeing if we couldn’t use Randy Foye out there on top to break it down, see if we couldn’t shake up Mike or Rod for some threes. They stayed out and we got to the hole. But no, Bassy played well, there was nothing wrong with him. I think he looked good out there, played almost 28 minutes. He gave us some good time.”

“Kevin is going to be a tremendous, tremendous player in this league for many years to come. He’s a young guy, and those are big guys out there. I thought Kevin got a pretty tough whistle on a couple of fouls. He’s down there battling, and you’ve got two guys banging on each other… I’ve often wondered what the determining factor is on the whistle. He got a couple fouls, that got him a little tentative, but he’s a scrapper. He’s out there fighting, and for a 20-year-old kid, his first year in the league, his upside could be big.”

Minnesota Guard Mike Miller:
“We played really well. In order to get where we want to get, we’ve got to be even better. That’s a good team. They make a lot of difficult plays, and a lot of players you’ve got to put a lot of focus on. That’s what makes them good. Hopefully we’ll have a chance against another elite team on Sunday.”

“I’m getting healthy. I’ll get the shot going. I’m used to being a rhythm shooter, so hopefully we’ll get it going. Other than that I’m just trying to make plays to help the team win.”

Minnesota Forward Ryan Gomes:
“I think we played well, but they stepped it up in the second half. We didn’t make shots and make plays like they did in the second half. Kobe made plays, guys knocked down open shots and we kind of missed a few chippies, missed some open shots, and turned the ball over in key situations.”

“They got into the bonus quick, I think with like 8:30 left in the third quarter, so whenever you have that you just have to keep attacking the basket and that’s what they did. They pushed the tempo a little bit, too, when we did miss shots, and that was the key.”

“What you try to do is meet those guys early, but sometimes when Craig is attacking the basket or Big Al scores, they’re pretty much going to be lagging behind. We didn’t do a good job of ball pressuring those guys. And then they have Kobe Bryant who makes plays and within their triangle offense he has the freedom to go ahead and search for his shot whenever he wants. They got a lot offensive rebounds tonight, too, which hurt us.”

Minnesota Guard Randy Foye:
“Definitely tonight we felt as though we had a chance throughout the game. We had a couple of bad calls here and there, but we had our opportunities… Coach McHale kept saying this game is not over, keep pushing. We kept trying to push, but Kobe is one of the best players in this game ever. He made some tough shots. I tried to help off and he found Derek Fisher in the corner. They made big shots.”

“I would say (the Lakers are the NBA’s best team). We played them twice and they handled us pretty well. (Their) team is a deep team. Their system is great. It’s got guys moving, shooters spotting up and guys slashing to the basket.”