Flea’s Take on Morrison

Yesterday we got trade reaction from Mitch Kupchak and Phil Jackson, today we see what the Lakers most famous blogger, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, has to say. It seems like Flea has been on Adam Morrison since his Gonzaga days, but now that he’s wearing the Purple & Gold…

i would guess that i am probably more excited about this trade than any other basketball fan in the world

Love his wild style!

look i know the guy has done very little to establish himself as a good nba player, even though i personally think he will……………. it’s not about that……….. he is just a really passionate player with his own style that is truly unique, and i believe that he can be a great player, and he is just the type of guy that adds a depth to the many trippy colors of the rich tapestry of basketball

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