In the Rankings: Week 15

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What a week for the Lakers. They completed season sweeps against their two most likely opponents in June (if they get there themselves) and finished their road trip 6-0. And getting a big game from Lamar Odom in Cleveland could have long-term benefits. Oh yeah, that Bryant guy scored a lot of points in New York on Monday.
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If the last seven days say anything, it’s that this team is better than last season’s Lakers — even if Bynum can’t come back — because of Pau and Ariza … and if the Odom we saw in Boston and Cleveland sticks around.
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So much for the idea that the loss of Bynum would sink their title hopes. With Lamar Odom playing very unlike Lamar Odom (i.e. consistently productive), the Lakers swept through the East, delivering messages to the Celtics and Cavaliers to end their 6-0 trip. In the first four games without Bynum, Odom averaged 16.8 points and 10.8 rebounds and shot 52.9 percent.
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Kobe, of course.

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