Phil Jackson Post-Practice Audio

The first Lakers practice following the NBA’s All-Star break lasted well over two hours on Monday, as the bottom 10 guys on the roster battled 5-on-5 while Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Derek Fisher put some ice on their knees.

Joining them on the sideline was Lamar Odom (his being able to rest during the final scrimmage of practice is an added bonus of the trade with Charlotte), at least until Chris Mihm and D.J. Mbenga got into enough of a battle for Lamar to check back in for the final few minutes as Mbenga cooled off on the sideline.

Afterwards, assembled media heard from Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant for the first time since last Wednesday evening’s loss in Utah.

We’ll start with Phil’s audio, followed Kobe’s in the subsequent post. Here’s the head coach:

Jackson thankfully kept his answers brief regarding the Kobe-Shaq conversation that’s predictably exploded in the national media, moving on to speak of finding more rest for Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom in particular, his focus for the season’s final 30 games and more.