Andrew Bynum Update

Before L.A. took the floor against Atlanta, Phil Jackson was asked how Andrew Bynum’s doing.

“I saw him this morning,” Jackson responded. “He was on the floor shooting toe-up shots and looked relatively active for his condition. He’s doing pretty well. It’s still been mostly rehab work, not an exercise regimen, but that will start soon.”

A reporter followed up by asking if Bynum’s expected to come back earlier than the original 8-to-12 week timetable.

“No,” Jackson said. “Until he’s on the floor sometime in March, we won’t know anything about that. Getting on the floor, doing activity drills, core strength and those types of things he has to do to get those things tied together again … The healing aspect still takes a while, but when we feel like he’s healed, then (he’ll start) the (training).”

Alas, we didn’t learn much, but it’s fair to say everything’s gone normally thus far for Bynum.