MT Podcast: Five Topic Rundown

Mychal ThompsonMy initials happen to be the same as Lakers radio commentator Mychal Thompson, but the MT in the title refers to him.

Since the Clear Channel restructuring took Thompson off his “Loose Cannons” daily radio show on AM 570 KLAC (and since the Lakers are moving to ESPN 710 next season), he’s hasn’t had an opinions outlet outside of Lakers broadcasts.

No worries, folks … We pinned Thompson down for 24 minutes outside our Oklahoma City hotel to talk about the following five topics:

1) Washington State hoops and Mychal’s son Klay Thompson, a 6-6 freshman guard.
2) College hoops vs. pro hoops
3) Pro Wrestling (WWE focus)
4) NBA player tag teams (Shaq and Ron Artest?)
5) L.A.’s top five contenders in the West

Here’s what MT had to say: