Could Be A Bit for Bynum

Two weeks ago, when Phil Jackson mentioned that he wasn’t interested in answering questions about Andrew Bynum until April, it didn’t keep reporters from asking.

Sure enough, prior to Thursday’s media session, the latest news we had was that the center had begun running on a treadmill with no negative repercussions, and that he had begun basketball-related activities, but he was still a ways away from playing with his teammates.

But Jackson went further prior to L.A.’s game against Golden State

Right now Andrew is, it looks like, a month away, and that’s like the end of the season. This is a from a guy who has been watching players recover and not a trainer, and certainly not a physical therapist, but I think he’s still a month away from being a player.

Jackson went on to say that the best case scenario is that Bynum plays in early April, but qualified his statement by saying that it’s “really hard to see him (playing) in two weeks.”

So much for no news until April…