Screaming for Shannon Brown

Maywood, Illinois is only about five minutes away from the United Center.

It’s the town that produced Lakers guard Shannon Brown, so as you might suspect, he won’t be lacking for support on Saturday evening.

His mom and dad are coming. His three brothers are coming. His grandma, his aunties, his cousins, his uncle and a group of his closest friends. All in all, that’s 32 people.

“It’s just the people that I’m really, really close to, the people that have supported me all these years,” said Brown. “This is the first and last time that I’m buying 32 tickets, but I’m happy to do it because I love the support and am grateful for it.”

Brown collaborated with his mom and dad to make the list of 32, and said he’s expecting to hear his section go crazy if he gets into the game.

Maybe they’ll hear the roar in Maywood?