Odom Igniting His Natural Glow

The advertising slogan for Vaseline’s Cocoa Butter product just happens to apply quite well to Lakers forward Lamar Odom: “Ignite your natural glow.”

Anyone who’s been around Odom – at least anyone I’ve met – can attest to the fact that Odom has a natural glow to his personality. Now, it also didn’t take long to notice that Odom applies a substantial amount of cocoa butter to his skin. In fact, it’s the first thing he does before games as he’s changing into his uniform, and the first thing he does before putting on his clothes after a game (or practices, obviously).

The reason we bring this up just a few minutes before tipoff in Detroit? Odom had one of my personal favorite quotes when I asked him how much cocoa butter he went through: “The only person that’s going to take care of my skin is me,” he said with a broad grin on his face.

Good point, Lamar. Simple, yet right to the point.