Andrew Bynum Update: March 27

bynumPrior to L.A.’s win over Detroit, Phil Jackson answered a few questions about Andrew Bynum. Here’s the word-by-word transcription, followed by a chronological trail of Bynum updates since he tore his MCL on Jan. 31st against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Q: On if the Lakers are just as good offensively without Bynum:
Phil Jackson: “We’re more fluid as an offensive team without Andrew. With two seven footers, you don’t run as well … You don’t have probably as quick a fast break or as consistent a flow game, which the NBA is really suited for. Pau Gasol is a very mobile, active player that can step off the post, shoot shots, make passes and plays and gives us an opportunity to play Lamar Odom considerable minutes. He’s a terrific player, and gives us a whole different (way) to play – it releases Kobe (Bryant) to play a forward position, striking position and he’s much more aggressive in that spot.”

Q: On if Bynum will start or come off the bench:
Jackson: “We just have to see how he comes back. Is he going to be in condition where he can play 25-30 minutes and (be able to start) or is he going to play 12-14 minutes a game and increase it that way. We’ll see how it fits in.”

Q: On Bynum’s current activity:
Jackson: He’s running on the court and that’s about it. He’s doing some basketball skills, but he’s a considerable amount of time yet before he’s going to be able to even (practicing) with us.

Q: On why L.A.’s better defensively with Bynum:
Jackson: Better rebounding team, have a shot blocker that’s a considerable talent back there to face drivers. There’s a lot of things he gives us that we don’t have right now.

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