In the Rankings: Week 22

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This Week: 2 | Last Week: 2 | Diff: N/A

A season-low 76 points in Atlanta puts the Lakers two games behind the Cavs for the best record in the league. Of greater concern is the health of Bryant and the play of their bench, which has shot 16-for-52 (30.8 percent) over the last three games.
This Week: 2 | Last Week: 1 | Diff: -1

You’d typically pardon an L in Atlanta knowing what the Hawks are like at home. In this case, though, L.A. has to take a hit, failing to get to 80 points right after the Hawks fell to the Timmy-less Spurs and KG-less Celts.
This Week: 2 | Last Week: 2 | Diff: N/A

Either Phil Jackson doesn’t have any idea when Andrew Bynum will be back or he’s having some fun making reporters think he doesn’t. On Thursday, Jackson told reporters that Bynum “has a considerable amount of time yet before he’s going to be even at practice with us.” But on Saturday, Jackson talked about using the final regular-season games for “getting [Bynum's] rhythm back.”
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Kobe struggling with sore right ankle.

Average Ranking: This Week: 2 | Last Week: 1.75 | Diff: -.25