Our Twitter Contest Winner

On Monday we ran our first contest on Twitter, giving away a pair of tickets to the first of our followers that could find Mike Trudell and myself having lunch. @bryanz got there about three minutes after we gave the final location clue. For his efforts he got to see the Lakers close out the Jazz in Game 5. Here’s his story in his own words.

Since this is my story about winning tix via Twitter, I’m retelling it in < 140 character increments. I live in Marina Del Rey and had to pick up a friend from LAX at 2:15. At about 1:30 on Monday I saw this come across Tweetdeck: @bryanzLakers Reporter Mike Trudell & I will be getting lunch in El Segundo. 1st person to find us and say “Playoffs” will win. More clues coming.

What better do I have going on? El Segundo is 15 minutes away. Hopped on Yelp! to find the best places to eat lunch for some clues. >:)

Grand Ave. has a ton of hits, heading there. Grab the Blackberry! Taking Lincoln to Sepulveda, past LAX, then down into El Seg.

In the car, just made a right onto Grand and passed Chipotle. Mmmm… Chipotle. I’d eat lunch there and this is a crapshoot. Any updates?

At 1:55pm: This is where we’re at in El Segundo, come find us & say “playoffs” http://twitpic.com/44c1t

Carl’s Jr?!? Where is that? Google Maps on Blackberry = Miracle worker! There’s a Carl’s Jr. a quarter mile from here. *tires peeling out*

Caught a green arrow and mashed up Sepulveda, made a U at E Palm, parked crooked, and hopped out. It can’t be 5 mins since the last tweet.

Saw Ty with the Lakers duffle and lanyard with Mike “Does the word ‘PLAYOFFS’ mean anything to you?” *adrenaline pumping*

Ty passes me the tickets. Congratulations and handshakes all around. Seriously?!? Best. Day. EVER.

I’m pretty sure Mike and Ty were shocked by how fast I got there. I put myself in a position to get lucky and it paid off.

Now infamous “unexcited” picture taken. Oh I’m excited, I’m just trying not to pass out because I can’t believe I ACTUALLY WON!!!

And we have a winner. Congratulations to @bryanz, he’s going to the game tonight. http://twitpic.com/44cqv

No more than 2 or 3 mins after I get there, I’m filling out the release for the tix and about 6 ppl burst into Carl’s Jr., holler PLAYOFFS

My mind is still RACING! Mike and Ty are both super nice but my conversational skills are straight lacking at the moment.

I thank the guys for I think the 134th time in about 5 minutes then head out to pickup @dubbi from LAX.

On my way to pick him up @dubbi calls me. “Yo, did you just win playoff tickets?” Twitter is both awesome and a little scary.

I check the Twitpic. Ha ha ha. But what’s up with the comments? I thought Lakers colors were purple and gold, not green. ;)

At Staples that night I manage a tweet or two between action before Twitterberry or T-Mo decides to hate on me.

At the half Ty came down to say hello and I got a redeeming, excited picture at our seats.

Obv the game was CRAZY! In typical @Lakers fashion it got a little close at the end before the starting 5 came back out.

In the end, @Lakers win and advance, the fiancée and I enjoy great seats on the house, and… we got tacos.

Big, big, BIG thanks to Ty & Mike for picking El Seg, to Google Maps, Twitterberry updates, Carl’s Jr , and without a doubt @LAKERS! #12ToGo


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