Saturday Practice Notes

Here’s a collection of notes from L.A.’s practice at Houston’s facility a day after the Lakers’ convincing 108-94 Game 3 victory.

- Kobe Bryant was business as usual with the media, reiterating his pleasure with how his teammates played in Game 3 and explaining how and why he took the shots that were hoisted. Bryant also reflected somberly on the passing of Chuck Daly, saying that it’s always sad to lose a member of the NBA family.

- Phil Jackson also talked about Daly, explaining his legacy of championships in Detroit and of leading the Dream Team, spent some time philosophizing about how the referees are calling fouls and assessing flagrants and opined on the importance of winning Game 4.

- We spent some time with Jordan Farmar and Luke Walton, talking about Luke’s foot, Jordan’s terrific game and how they enjoy giving one another a tough time.

Click here for the video of Jackson and Farmar/Walton.