Missed Shots? Nahh

Lakers assistant coach Craig Hodges knows everything you can know about shooting the basketball. That’s what he does.

As such, I thought his opinion on Derek Fisher’s 1-for-14 3-point shooting slump in L.A.’s second round series with Houston would be interesting. Perhaps most pertinent was his complete confidence that missing shots was far out of Fisher’s mind heading into Game 7, because that’s how it was for him.

Here’s part of our interchange:

MT: Coach, do you remember going through a shooting slump in a playoff series like Fisher’s?
Hodges: I couldn’t even tell you. I don’t remember misses. I only thought about makes, ever. The last thing I wanted to do was visualize the ball not going in the hoop.

MT: Really? Literally?
Hodges: I’m telling you. I didn’t even let one miss stay in my memory for one second. The only thing a miss does is prepare you for your next shot. That’s it.

If Fisher’s thinking like Hodges, you can erase his previous struggles. Sunday’s a new (shooting) day.