Game 2 Pregame Video

Nene - GasolFrank Hamblen joined us once again to talk about countering Denver’s Game 1 advantage on the low block, defending Carmelo Anthony and the importance of winning the bench battle.

You can watch from our Gameday page by CLICKING HERE.

A few other things upon which to keep an eye:

A) Andrew Bynum’s presence early, and how it affects what Pau Gasol’s able to do at both ends of the floor.
B) L.A.’s defensive adjustment, which should be designed to limit the easy buckets Denver got early on: As Hamblen pointed out, 19 of Denver’s first 20 field goals in the first half came from their starting front line, and the Lakers coaches aren’t planning a repeat.
C) How quickly the ball moves within L.A.’s offense as Denver sends multiple defenders at Bryant, which should create more touches in better position for Bynum and Gasol. Furthermore, when Odom’s in the game, the interior passing becomes even more dangerous.

Remember, tip time is again early, at 6 p.m.