Saturday Shootaround Notes

We had the notepad out subsequent to L.A.’s Saturday morning shootaround in Denver. Here’s what we learned:

- Andrew Bynum expressed his excitement about playing and, as expected, denied any ill will for a lack of playing time in the second half when pushed by various reporters. Clearly he’d prefer to be playing more minutes, like any player, but he says his focus is on maintaining a good attitude and contributing as much as he can.
- Phil Jackson said that he thought there’s far too much focus being placed on Bynum, whom he said still lacks the conditioning to play for long stretches. On Friday, Jackson also cited Denver’s small lineup as a reason his big center didn’t get many minutes.
- Luke Walton, while icing down, joked around with Adam Morrison and Pau Gasol for a good five minutes. The mood, in general, was quite light.
- The team watched film for a good hour before taking the court.
- Kobe Bryant held court with reporters for a good seven minutes or so, revealing his awareness of how tough the Pepsi Center will be, but expressing confidence for the NBA’s best road team.
- The primary goal for the Lakers in Colorado is to win both games, not just the split that would return home court advantage.
- Assistant coach Brian Shaw talked about how much more difficult it is approaching a game as a coach than as a player, because as a player one feels an element of control that can be executed personally, while a coach has nothing but a clipboard and his voice.
- Tip off is at 5:30 Pacific.