Tweeting Lakers Practice

So, there’s this new thing called Twitter. You heard of it? Content Manager Ty Nowell introduced the Lakers to the new technology a couple months ago, and populates our @Lakers account, which now has over 267,000 followers. He also made an account for me, @miketrudell, which I used at today’s practice while listening to some of the players and head coach Phil Jackson talk.

Alas, here’s what I typed on my phone (140 characters maximum, mind you) with further explanation in italics if necessary:

Tweet #1: Kobe Bryant was asked how his body felt after a full year of playing including the 08 Finals and Olympics: “I feel great.”
A reporter intimated that Bryant’s body must be sore after the constant pounding, and while he at times looked tired while having to carry the whole load against Houston and Denver until figuring out that his passing could kill Denver after Game 4, Bryant looked quite fresh in Game 6. It’s also underrated how much having Phil Jackson helps veterans in their recovery process on non-game days.

#2: Kobe on what is still the media’s favorite topic, Lamar’s candy habit: “I’d love to be his dentist.”
Good joke, but basically, this story is extremely overblown. Too much down time between the WCF and the Finals.

#3: Here’s what Dwight Howard will be looking at (well, not all at once):
Twitter allows you to take pictures and add them to what you’ve written, so I snapped a pic of Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and D.J. Mbenga.

#4: Bynum: “We need to win a championship … We want to attack.”
The Lakers are hungry.

#5: Fisher said a 10th title would mean a lot to Jackson him not as a personal milestone but because his team has grown considerably.
Jackson confirmed this when asked repeatedly (five times) about it in his presser.

#6: Phil Jackson, after being asked about his health, said that he’s actually feeling pretty good right now.
A reporter was curious about Jackson’s health after he skipped a late regular season Portland game.

#7: Jackson said that last year the lead up to finals was spent figuring out how to deal with Boston’s D. This year, it’s more about LA’s D.
He didn’t think his team fully understood Boston’s defense, led by the outstanding Kevin Garnett, but this year is focusing more on dealing with Orlando’s unique offense.

#8: Jackson said he was worried about the 04 Detroit series and 08 Boston series but that he feels very good about the coming series.
This is as good a sign as any for the Lakers.

#9: Phil: “I don’t think since Shaq came into the game have we seen (as powerful a force) as Howard. We have to take that away from him.”
Self explanatory, but basically, Jackson explained how you simply can’t teach size in the NBA.