Sun Yue: Exit Interview

blog_090616sunyueIn his rookie year out of China, Sun Yue played just 28 minutes across 10 games, scoring a total of six points with two assists, and was inactive throughout the playoffs. Sun did get some valuable playing time in the D-League, and is currently deciding whether or not to play in L.A.’s summer league or to go home and train with the Chinese National Team.

Here are some of his exit interview comments:

- On what he went over with Phil Jackson and Mitch Kupchak: “Just talked about the whole season, my injury, where I need to improve: I need to put on more weight (and strength), play some minutes, to play in more games, get more experience.”

- Sun, who’s a funny, positive guy, said that he’s lucky not to be the only rookie that received little to no playing time: “This year, I learned a lot about the NBA. It was a great life experience.”

- Sun said he improved on all of the basketball skill sets because of all the practice time with great players, particularly his ball handling and shooting. He also put on 20 pounds of muscle.

- On the adjustment: “It’s my first time living in America. The people around you are all American … It’s totally different from when I was living in China. Everything was new, but I like it.”

- Sun says he does want to be back with the Lakers: “When you play with the best basketball team in the world and the best player, you can definitely learn.”

- “Everybody on the team was very nice,” he added. “They helped me when I didn’t know what to say (with the language) or what I should do because I was a rookie.”

- More than anything else, he’s looking forward not to do all the rookie chores that he was saddled with throughout the season.

- Sun closed with a fun note: “I don’t know why the Chinese media is here, I wanted to speak Chinese!” The Chinese media then went outside to interview him.