Top Playoff Moments

TeamWe recently received this question from reader Chris:

Q: These are my top five moments of the Lakers 2009 postseason:
5. Kobe’s 40-point outburst in Game 1 vs. Orlando
4. Kobe’s dagger three-pointer in Game 3 vs. Denver
3. D-Fish’s three-pointer in overtime of Game 4 vs. Orlando
2. Ariza’s steal in Game 1 vs. Denver
1. D-Fish’s three-pointer in Game 4 vs. Orlando to force overtime.

What am I missing?
- Chris, Hermosa Beach, CA

Not a bad list, Chris. You’ve done your research.

While it’s tough to argue with the selections, it’s also pretty easy to throw in five more moments, all of which you can re-live by going through our Lakers Gameday Archive.

Here’s what we came up with to supplement the list:

1) Kobe’s ridiculous bounce-back Game 4 against Utah in Round 1. The eventual Finals MVP scored 38 points on 16-of-24 from the field a game after he had converted just 5-of-24 in L.A.’s Game 3 loss. That was L.A.’s first big test, and thanks to Kobe, they aced it like Will Hunting on MIT’s chalkboard.
2) Kobe’s end-of-third-quarter dagger triple in Game 3 against Houston, which built a 12-point lead and crushed Houston’s spirit in a must-win road game that would return home court advantage to the Lakers.
3) Lamar Odom’s back-to-back threes in the third quarter of Game 5 of the Finals that directly answered Orlando’s push to get within five points. They’d never get close again.
4) Shannon Brown’s ridiculous transition dunk over Chris Andersen in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals against Denver. Completely changed the game’s energy.
5) Pau Gasol’s heroics late in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, including the game-tying bucket of regulation and the game-sealing and-1 bucket in OT, indicative of his clutch performance throughout the postseason.

If you have more moments you think should have been included in our lil’ list, feel free to let us know via twitter: @LakersReporter.