Fisher Checks In

Derek FisherOn June 11, Derek Fisher’s three-point bomb over Jameer Nelson in Game 4 of the NBA Finals sent L.A. into overtime, where the Lakers’ point guard nailed another dagger to seal a 99-91 victory.

On July 16, during his exit interview, Fisher had yet to put the shots in perspective.

“No it really hasn’t (sunk in),” he said. “I had to pinch myself yesterday … Thinking about my life and what I’ve been through… It’s just hard to put into perspective for a guy from Little Rock, Arkansas.”

It’s now been 44 days since his fateful bombs, and Fisher’s finally had some time to process the moment. He shared a few thoughts with us while taking a break from conducting his basketball camp:

I have a growing appreciation for the experiences that I’ve had in my career overall, and for this year in particular, with what the 2009 championship means to us and to the city and our fans. It continues to mold my appreciation for the history of the NBA and the Lakers, and what all the moments mean. It motivates me to work even harder this summer to try and be in a position to do it again next year, because it’s just crazy to think about those moments and how they will live on forever. I think I’m just starting to realize that. A lot of these kids that are here and a lot of these parents that have been Lakers fans for 10, 15, 20 years, those moments signify a lot of great memories in their life. For my name and things that I’ve done to be a part of that is a little bit trippy, pretty humbling, but exciting and motivating as well.