Rambis Introduced in Minnesota

Kurt RambisA day after L.A.’s brain trust weighed in, former Lakers assistant Kurt Rambis was officially introduced as the new Head Coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves on Tuesday afternoon in Minneapolis in press-conference format.

We watched on timberwolves.com and took some notes on Twitter in case you missed it:

LakersReporter: Rambis: “I left an incredible job in Los Angeles. I was very happy there. That team has a chance to win several NBA championships.”

LakersReporter: Rambis was quite gracious in thanking the Buss family, coaches & players individually. But bottom line: Couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

LakersReporter: Rambis cited the influence of Tex Winter, whom he called an unparalleled basketball mind that had no filter.

LakersReporter: Rambis is certainly cogent & comfortable in front of the media – After 10 minutes he’s yet to have a slip of the tongue. Impressive.

LakersReporter: Rambis on Phil Jackson: “I like the way that he allows players out there on the court to make decisions for themselves.”

LakersReporter: On Phil cont’d: “I like the freedom he’s given players to make decisions with the ball – be passers, be shooters, be basket attackers.”

LakersReporter: It took a little while, but Rambis finally got the cold weather dig in. For those of us from Minnesota, we know it’s coming eventually.

LakersReporter: Rambis cited his exp. w/Shaq and Kobe – plus Rodman – as a head coach as boosting his knowledge. “Best learning exp. for a young coach.”

LakersReporter: Rambis highlighted that he learned preparation from Pat Riley and player management from Phil Jackson, two of the best at each.

LakersReporter: Bottom line from presser: Rambis is very obviously prepared and excited to be a head coach.