Richard Jefferson on Ron Artest

Ron Artest - Richard JeffersonThe newest Spur had a few words to say about newest Laker over on

Here’s the intereaction as’s Ben Hunt relayed a question from one of San Antonio’s Twitter followers to offseason signee Richard Jefferson: Who is the best defender not named (Bruce) Bowen you ever faced?
RJ: You know there are different guys. Ron Artest is definitely one of those guys. For his size, he is just so big and strong. There are just certain guys that you know you have to do a little bit extra. You have to be a little more exact and Artest is definitely up there. His addition to the Lakers only makes the Spurs and what we’re doing here more exciting. To know that the Lakers probably got better and so even though we made some huge strides here you know that the champions got better. It makes everything we’re doing here just try to get that much more focused and more direct, so we got a lot of work to do in front of us.

Those interested in reading the rest of the interview can CLICK HERE, but one primary point to take out of Jefferson’s comments is that Artest is an ideal defender for some of the league’s best threes with size, such as Jefferson, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Paul Pierce and Brandon Roy.