Media Day, Via Twitter

Ron ArtestIf you followed along to our @LakersReporter and @Lakers Twitter accounts, here’s what you saw from Lakers Media Day, which took place on Tuesday morning in the team’s El Segundo practice facility:

(Warning … links galore)

- An idea of what media day was like for @RealLamarOdom:

- RT @LAIreland: Lamar Odom tells Mason and I why he decided to get married now:

- True. RT @Lakers: Andrew Bynum talked with @LakersReporter about his summer at Media Day:

- RT @Lakers: Pau Gasol talking about his summer. Watch the full vid here:

- RT @DuranLA: How about @Lakers Andrew Bynum wearing a #Dodgers hat

- One basketball update: Andrew Bynum said he is “100% healthy.” His personal goal is to make the All-Star team.

- Here’s Artest getting his Manny Wig on. Can’t complain about this one either:

- Tell me you don’t like this Artest pic … Oh wait, you can’t:

- RT @darrenrovell1: @LakersReporter took pic of me w/Kobe Bryant is hands down the best interview in all of sports.

- If you haven’t seen Sasha Vujacic’s new hairstyle…

- Kobe being interviewed by CNBC’s @darrenrovell1.

- 1/4 of the NBA’s longest, best frontcourt:

- Josh Powell and I agree that “Empire State of Mind” is our favorite track on Jay Z’s “Blueprint III.”

- Anybody want to talk to Ron Artest?

- DJ Mbenga ate his mothers “fufu,” an African dish, while in Belgium this summer. Fun, huh?

- Kobe, Phil, Ron and Pau:

- Early media day shot: