Andrew Bynum: World Traveler

Andrew BynumOn media day, Lakers center Andrew Bynum told us (on video) about his training habits from the summer, which included a great deal of leg-strengthening work in Atlanta, and shared his goal of becoming an All Star.

Two days later, Bynum talked a bit more hoops – mentioning that he’s fully comfortable shooting out to 17 feet – but also revealed himself to be a world traveler. In fact, the 21-year-old detailed his journey through Italy, Spain, Japan and China that took place after he won his first NBA title.

His favorite stop?

“I love Rome,” he said. “I liked Barcelona, which is just like L.A., but I liked Rome because of the history there. The art is unbelievable, and then walking around during the sunset is crazy. I went all over, we did a whole bunch of sight-seeing and saw a bunch of stuff.”

Bynum said that he particularly appreciated the Vatican, but in somewhat of an upset, said he prefered Spain when it came to food.

“I like paella a lot (in Spain),” said the seven-footer. “I’m very American when it comes to eating Italian food. I really don’t like the way they serve it over there, where they do a salad, a pasta with nothing in it and then the meat comes after. I like to throw everything in and have it really sauced up.”

Being a rigatoni-with-marinara-and-chicken guy, I can respect that.

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBA Photos