Vujacic Checks In

Sasha VujacicSeeing Sasha Vujacic shoot the basketball after Lakers practice has concluded is like seeing Lady Gaga in a ridiculous outfit … It’s all but a guarantee.

It was no different on Saturday afternoon at L.A.’s facility, as the Slovenian ran through a series of shooting drills with assistant coach/advance scout Rasheed Hazzard. Afterwards, Vujacic told us about his health, his shot and Ron Artest:

On how he’s feeling: I feel good, I feel excited. It’s been four days now, and I think everyone’s a little bit tired, but we’re pushing through it and working really hard heading into our first game on Wednesday. Last year I missed the whole training camp after injuring myself on the first day, but heading into this year I had been doing a lot of rehab and everything looks good right now.

On his shooting It will be better on October 27, but right now it’s OK. Obviously last year I didn’t shoot the ball the way I was supposed to or the way I can, but this year I’m not even thinking about that. I know what I can do and how to do it, so I’m just going to take the right shots and it will work out.

On playing some point guard in practice: I think Phil (Jackson) has been training me throughout my years here to play both guard positions, and I’m lucky to be able to do it. I’ve learned a lot, and each year become more mature. Last season and this summer helped me from that point of view, and having Kobe (Bryant) on my side, calming me down sometimes, is good for me. I like both positions, and wherever Phil needs me, that’s where I’ll play.

On if anyone has stood out to him in practice: I think everyone came into camp prepared. It’s no secret that Ron (Artest) is a new player to us, and he’s just a very, very strong man. That’s the way he plays. I think he fits in pretty well with us – his toughness and his defensive skills are incredible and that’s something we needed, something that will benefit us throughout the season and into the playoffs. He (guarded me today) and he’s like a train coming at you. That’s good though, I like it.