Western Conference Preview: Houston

Tracy McGradyRockets radio play-by-play voice Craig Ackerman joined us to talk about a team that became quite familiar to the Lakers after a seven-game Western Conference Semis last season.

However, this group of Rockets is quite different from the 2008-09 variety, first due to the season-ending injury suffered by Yao Ming, in addition to the Ron Artest for Trevor Ariza swap (effectively) that occurred in free agency. Yet we did learn a potentially positive piece of news about Tracy McGrady when speaking with Ackerman after asking him about T-Mac’s status:

“Frankly I’d be shocked if (his return is) any later than (December),” he said. “At least from what I can see with my own eyes, he looks great … I think if it were up to him personally, he’d be playing right now.”

Ackerman also offered his take on Ariza’s first few weeks in Houston, talked about Ron Artest’s 2008-09 for the Rockets and delved into the point guard combo of Aaron Brooks and Kyle Lowry.