Video: Monday After Practice

Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol talked to reporters after Monday’s practice, leading into Tuesday’s contest against New York, when the Lakers look to win their fourth straight game at home. Here’s what we posted on TwitVid:

Jackson got in and out of the post-practice interview in just over a minute (a new record for this season), explaining the importance of taking the season one game at a time, Kobe’s “interesting plays” and addressing his level of encouragement about the team.

Here’s Kobe talking about his slew of crazy shots and his ongoing left-handed shooting contest with Pau Gasol:

In two parts, Gasol told us that he’s feeling more comfortable “little by little,” his thoughts on Kobe’s trick shots, how the Knicks have been playing better than advertised (“they can get hot and be tricky”), playing with Andrew Bynum and his level of conditioning: