Lakers – Nets Pregame

The primary storyline heading into L.A.’s contest against New Jersey on Sunday involves the 16-game losing streak of the Nets to start the season, just one off the NBA record for a worst start.

Phil Jackson shared his thoughts on the streak and the team, reflected on the firing of Lawrence Frank and discussed how difficult it is for the Nets to operate in their location.

Jackson also talked about the big lineup he used briefly in Golden State (Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum), which he liked, and finally detailed the positive influence of Pau Gasol.

“He is a real good team floor player,” said Jackson. “He is a perfect fit, with Kobe (Bryant) who directs the ball and a lot of times needs the ball, Pau can play off that very well because he can play a role where he facilitates the offense … and helps other players be better. He really compliments Kobe in that way.”