LetShannonDunk Q&A

blog_letshannondunk_200Watching Shannon Brown dunk is very, very fun (I think we can all agree on that).

Keeping that in mind, we sat down with Brown to talk about the first time he jammed, shattering backboards, a high school dunk contest with LeBron James, his favorite dunkers ever and more.

You can read the full interview over at LetShannonDunk.com, where you can also watch videos with Lakers players and broadcasters, more videos of some crazy dunks, view pictures and more.

Here’s a teaser:

MT: Tell us about the first time you ever dunked.
Brown: It was going into my freshman year at Tim Hardaway basketball camp. I actually got a steal, was on the break by myself and I went up and I dunked it. It wasn’t a clean flush, but it was good enough to where I knew I could do it. I’d been trying it in gym class my eighth grade year before that summer camp, and it wasn’t working for me. Then I finally got my chance.

MT: I had your dad Chris on a Lakers.com podcast last season, and he told me a story about your freshman year in high school when he got a call from Proviso East High School asking him to come down to the Maywood, Ill. location…
Brown: Oh yeah, I was in gym class and I was on a break all alone. I went up and dunked with two hands, and I shattered the backboard. At first, I was scared because I thought they were going to make me pay for it because I know they’re expensive. But once everything settled down, I kind of realized what I did … actually, everybody else helped me realize what I did, and it was special. The rim didn’t come off, but the whole backboard was shattered, all of it. It was done.

MT: It’s so difficult to think of just one favorite dunk ever. Can you do it?
Brown: I’m a big fan of Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins and Vince Carter. They all had amazing dunks that were unbelievable, a whole bunch of ‘em. I can’t even narrow it down because I have a whole bunch running through my head right now.

MT: One of my favorite in-game jams happened outside of the NBA, the infamous Vince Carter dunk that was literally over Frederic Wies of France.
Brown: Oh definitely. That was unreal. I was in high school when somebody sent me that on e-mail and I was just like, ‘Wow.’ Then there was one Jordan dunk where he rocked the cradle, then paused for a minute and reverse dunked it on the other side. He had to duck his head so he wouldn’t hit it on the rim. Crazy.

MT: We know that your hands are the opposite of small. When you played baseball, did you even bother using a glove?
Brown: (laughs) Yeah man, I’d just catch it in the hand, use the fingers and just throw it back. That’d throw people off a little bit.

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