In Chicago, Bryant To Push Through Pain (Again)

Lakers officials have stated that Kobe Bryant’s avulsion fracture on the index finger (also known as a crucial release point for shooting, passing and ball-handling) may start to feel better in two to three weeks, and perhaps heal in about six or more weeks.

In the meantime, Bryant’s going to feel a decent amount of pain every time he does anything on the basketball floor (or even if he presses the “Up” or “Down” arrow on an elevator). Fortunately for the Lakers, Kobe is … Kobe, a rare breed who boasts perhaps the highest pain tolerance and level of determination in the NBA.

Whether it hurts him or not, Bryant’s going to push on, as witnessed by his time line in the Windy City so far:

The Lakers landed in Chicago around 5 p.m. local time on Monday afternoon, and it wasn’t long until Bryant was on his way to the gym to get some shots up and test his finger.

Then on Tuesday afternoon, well before the team bus arrived, Bryant was at United Center taking more shots while assistant coach Chuck Person looked on. As you can see for yourself (below), Bryant’s shot looks just fine, even if the average person wouldn’t be advised to touch anything for weeks.