Bryant On Knee: “I’m Fine.”

Lakers Nation took a collective gasp (!!) when Kobe Bryant appeared to hyperextend his left knee late in Tuesday’s victory over Oklahoma City.

But Bryant, after (in his words) self-checking his MCL and ACL, simply got up, walked it off, and resumed playing the rest of the contest as if nothing had happened.

After the game, No. 24 said that he was “Just fine,” thanks to amazing range of motion in his knee, and that he’d be ready to practice in advance of L.A.’s Christmas Day game against Cleveland.

“Yea, he’s all right,” said Lamar Odom. “If he breaks it or pulls (anything), he’s just going to play anyway. If he has the flu or a cold, it doesn’t matter. He’s already playing with a broken finger. He’s a trooper.”

You can check later for the full Bryant postgame interview.