Smith Close (But No Cigar) to Kobe’s 3-record

JR Smith - Kobe BryantDuring a Wednesday evening home victory over Atlanta, Denver’s J.R. Smith sank 10 three-pointers in 17 attempts, the most by any player this season.

This begs the question … who’s made the most threes in one game, ever?

Reggie Miller? Nope.

Ray Allen? No.

Dennis Scott? Close, but no.

The answer is L.A.’s own Kobe Bryant, who made 12 three-pointers in 18 attempts on Jan. 7, 2003 against Seattle.

Joining Bryant at the top is Donyell Marshall, whose 12 bombs came on March 13, 2005. Scott converted 11 on April 18, 1996, while Smith also managed to get 11 triples to go on April 13 of last season.