Thursday Practice Notes

59062895The Lakers resumed practice after a Wednesday away from the gym, in preparation for a rematch against the Sacramento Kings on Friday afternoon.

A few jottings from the media session:

- Ron Artest spent some time shooting and going through other basketball activities, but did not run, and continues to experience dizziness from his Christmas Day concussion. Phil Jackson said that it’s “very doubtful” that Artest will start against the Kings.

- Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher both opined on how much the Lakers miss Artest. Fisher noted that aside from Artest’s obvious physical strengths, it’s the dogged mental approach and general intensity that L.A. feels lacking. In other words, Artest’s play is contageous.

- Jackson mentioned that the contributions from Shannon Brown, Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic have been helpful in Artest’s, though as always he’d like to see more consistency.

- Phil on the big lineup: “They get off to some pretty slow starts,” adding that he “might” consider a different lineup.

- Josh Powell missed practice with an upper respiratory condition similar to the one with which Andrew Bynum dealt in the past few weeks. Powell, the primary locker room DJ, was missed as Metallica blasted loudly out of the weight room (Adam Morrison was in charge).