Lamar Odom Nears Historical Mark

Lamar OdomSo natural and unique is his game and his contribution, Lamar Odom has at least to a certain degree existed under the radar throughout his NBA career.

Yet with just eight more assists, the lanky lefty will become the seventh fastest player in league history to reach 6,000 career rebounds and 3,000 assists, a true mark of his versatility.

In 714 career games, Odom has amassed 10,584 points, 2,992 dimes and 6,338 rebounds, and is set to join an extremely impressive club of 3,000 and 6,000:

1) Larry Bird (574 games)
2) Chris Webber (667)
3) Kevin Garnett (681)
4) Oscar Robertson (688)
5) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (691)
6) Wilt Chamberlain (691)

If Odom doesn’t drop eight assists on Wednesday evening against the Bobcats, he’ll likely do so on Friday against Denver, which would tie him for 7th place alongside Lakers legend Elgin Baylor with 716 games.

Not too bad, huh?